Dot Painting Workshop by Divya on May 20th in Chennai

An artist herself, Divya (happy_divya )has experimented in different art forms, one of those being Pointillism (a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image). From there, she started applying the technique to paint mandalas. Over a span of 5 years, including 2 years of Mandala Dot Painting, she has acquired the methods and skills to pointillism. Not your regular paint-by-the-dot, but assured to be just as easy once you learn the techniques yourself. There is much to discover in dot-painting. Did you know aboriginal Australians also used this method? Dig out deeper mysteries by joining us at the Dot Painting Workshop on 20 May, 2018.

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In this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Learn the basics of dot painting
  • Learn paint mixing
  • Understand 'value of color' in art
  • Learn how tints and shades work
  • Use the tools properly to make dot-paintings

Participants will be guided to make simple patterns. The final output will be a culmination of these patterns to create their very own Mandala dot painting.

Advice for participants:

  • Come with an open mind.
  • No prior art knowledge is necessary.
  • Be prepared to learn something new and have fun with it.
  • Your work will not be restricted to samples shown. You are encouraged to be creative.

Tickets are inclusive of:

  • Art Materials
  • Lunch (Quality Vegetarian Food)
  • Refreshments & Snacks
  • Bottled Water

Date : May 20th, 2018
Timings : 10 am to 3pm
Cost : Rs.2000/- (inclusive of all taxes and things mentioned above)
Location :

We have limited seats of 40. Click below to block your seat.


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