About Us



All your quirky essentials in one place! MadCap is more than just gifts and stationery - it’s a million ways to define who you are.
MadCap is…
Your Parallel Universe
where all things bizarre happen, a place that fuels your outlandish expectations, grants peculiar needs, fulfills your wacky desires.

A Sanctum Sanctorium
for the unconventional weirdos
for the masked geeks
for the trendsetters and the trend-breakers.

A World without Borders. A Home with no Walls.
Absurdity runs like blood does in every person. MadCap feeds the rebels who love, laugh and live in the sunshine.
Our routine design themes are inspired by raw characters like those.
Are you ready to start MadCappin’? 
MadCap - For the Imperfect You !

MadCap is a trio, did you know? Along with MyCopie and Hazel Stationery, that makes awesome stuff for college kids and Premium Stationery respectively, MadCap is just one part of the whole package, and incredible none-the-less.