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STRONG - The Spirit of Chennai

A city of united people - one in heart and mind - can shake an entire country. Chennai redefined the meaning of Strength by showing that its not about loudly imposing power, but pacifically reinstating peace.

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Superstars Of Chennai - Not every person behind the scenes get recognized

1. Bus Conductors and Drivers:Most of us take the MTC buses to commute to our colleges, while most cities might have a lot of special buses and we don’t, we surely have these friendly conductor anna and driver anna who inform us about the stops, patiently handle all the fuss with ‘change’, save all those innocent men from charges of groping and eve teasing (advantages of being a known face) and a lot more. We can forgive them for driving the bus in a tilted manner, can’t we?2. Auto Anna:Rickshaw, no, screaming for an auto with that arm out is the style that works down south, most of the hostel-ites have still not got the answer to why do they...

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From Fresher's to Farewell

Once that last question from the last board exam is penned down and after two months of chilling and getting admissions for under graduation, that time comes when one has been waiting for all through school life, college. The first day in college definitely involves a lot of mixed emotions, the ones where one is timid, nervous, lost and above all highly excited to spend the rest of 3-5 years in the same place along with a whole lot of different people. For a month college seems all fancy with all kinds of freshers’ party, hostel party, department party to attend, city to explore and friends made.With time as one settles in the comforts of college and learns the hardship...

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