One man makes a difference: A homage to "Stan the Man"

In 1941, a young storytelling artist made his debut in the comic book world with his contribution to “Captain America Foils the Traitor's Revenge”, fulfilling his childhood dream. He would then go on to create dozens of new characters, new groups, storylines, and oversee what is probably the biggest revolution Hollywood has ever seen. He went from a guy working behind the desk, to someone whose appearance was greeted with louder cheer than the protagonist of the movie. And when he left the world on 12th November 2018, he had changed the world in a way very few people ever will.

Stan Lee was more than just an artist or a writer – he was a dreamer. “I used to think what I did was not very important,” Lee said in 2014. “People are building bridges and engaging in medical research, and here I was doing stories about fictional people who do extraordinary, crazy things and wear costumes.” But the legacy he leaves behind is nothing short of breathtaking, having created characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and many others. From watching Marvel on the verge of bankruptcy to witnessing Avengers: Infinity War cross the 2 billion mark, Lee has seen it all. And he has been the center of it all as well.

Before Lee, superheroes were shown to be perfect beings, fighting the evil and maintaining justice in the society. Lee “humanized” them, and showed us that superpowers are not the only thing that makes a hero. Stan Lee’s heroes were often broken, defeated, angry and sad, but what made them heroes was that they refused to stay down in the face of adversity. While characters such as Superman and Green Lantern have almost a god-like status, Marvel’s Tony Stark, Steve Rodgers, and other people were normal beings like us, who faced the same emotional and mental trauma we do, just with the added burden of saving the world.

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Stan Lee used his writings to defeat evil not only in the fictional world but in the real world as well. He pioneered representation of the African American community by creating the Black Panther and Falcon, and also showed women in prominent roles, such as Black Widow, Susan Storm, and Scarlet Witch. In fact, the very reason he co-created the X-Men was to send a message: That just because someone is different, does not mean that they are bad. While his characters defeated the bad guys in the comics, Lee himself fought racial and sexual discrimination with his writings.

It is hard to imagine where Marvel would be today. By creating Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, Stan Lee was directly responsible for starting the age of superheroes in Hollywood, and by creating Iron Man, Lee had, inadvertently, laid the seeds for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the highest grossing movie series ever. Not only that, but it was Marvel’s competition that made DC work even harder, and in a way, even DC characters owe their movies to the man some people rightfully call the King of Comic Books.

In every movie after Avengers 4, the audience will miss something, which we have now developed a habit of waiting for. We all wish we had the time stone with us, so we could bring him back, but alas, it just isn’t that timeline. And while Lee may be gone, his legacy will live on forever, in movies, TV shows, comic books, and in all our hearts. There will be many after him, but there will be none like him.

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The superheroes Stan Lee created were a huge part of many peoples' childhoods and even though he passed away, a warm memory of him and his kindness will forever stay with us. Fans all over the world are already sharing tribute art in honor of this legendary man, see the best tribute art in honor of Stan Lee by clicking here.

Rest In Peace, Stanley Martin Lieber (December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018)



  • Pranshu Bhatnagar

    Great job by the author. Good stuff.
    RIP Stan Lee.

  • Bhoomit Gala

    Superheroes aren’t perfect which makes Marvel movies so likeable and loved by many. Stan Lee had those perfect imperfections in all his characters which made us all realise that sometimes the person within a superhero is important as well. Be it characters like Iron Man, Spider Man or even Deadpool for that instance each and every character had a charm in its own. Thank You Stan Lee.

  • Aviral Jain

    I’m not a big fan of Marvel comics (Except the Cinematic Universe, of which I truly became a fan this year when I did a whole marathon before Infinity Wars came out!)

    But the demise of Stan Lee has hurt me more than I expected it to. Initially when I went to see some Marvel movies with my friends just out of sheer peer pressure, Stan was the most relatable person in the entire movie since like me, he was oblivious to the presence of superheroes and wasn’t overawed by their presence unlike my company at the theatre. But as the fanboy inside me took birth, so did my respect for Stan as he managed to do the impossible : Make me love something I never thought I could!

    To the man who made me know about Marvel more than I know about a lot of people I call friends, a heartfelt tribute in the form of these words

    Rest in peace Stan and keep an eye out for your superheroes!!


  • Siddharth Laddha

    As a guy I always had this fantasy that one day my school will get attacked by a bunch of terrorist and I will defeat them with my skills and bravery. I used to think about this all the time. From a boring class to thoughts before falling asleep I had this wicked dream in my head 24/7. Thanks to Stan The Man Lee who helped me believe that you don’t have to be an alien or a billionaire or a demigod to be special. Maybe one day a radioactive spider might bite me and I could life my life from ordinary to legendary. Rest in peace old man. Excelsior. ♥️

  • Mayur Shivalkar

    We wanted a full Stan Lee movie with superheroes playing cameo 💕

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