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One man makes a difference: A homage to "Stan the Man"

In 1941, a young storytelling artist made his debut in the comic book world with his contribution to “Captain America Foils the Traitor's Revenge”, fulfilling his childhood dream. He would then go on to create dozens of new characters, new groups, storylines, and oversee what is probably the biggest revolution Hollywood has ever seen. He went from a guy working behind the desk, to someone whose appearance was greeted with louder cheer than the protagonist of the movie. And when he left the world on 12th November 2018, he had changed the world in a way very few people ever will. Stan Lee was more than just an artist or a writer – he was a dreamer. “I used to...

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Waste to Best: A fresh new take on art by "our own Madrasan"

Inspiration can come from the wildest of ideas, and at the wildest of places. The desire to change your life need not always be something you suddenly decided upon, but maybe something that just gradually happened over time. One thing may lead to another, and soon, you would realize that you have already changed your life without knowing. They say that boredom is the biggest inspiration one can have. And in the case of Nidhi, her boredom led to the birth of Namma Madraskarri (Our Own Madrasan in Tamil), one of its kind shops for jewelry, handicrafts and more. A fashion designing graduate, opening her own company for selling her art was probably one of the last things Nidhi had...

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